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siemens EX877KYX1E


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Technical data
Main features
Induction hob 80 cm
TopClass finish: bevelled front with blackSteel side profiles
Home Connect: Remote programming and control of the device via mobile app.
cookConnect System: Control of the cooker hood via induction hob electronics
FullTouch TFT Display
Automatic cooking system: cookControl Plus, recipes and tips
Electronic regulation at 17 levels
2 flexInduction zones
FlexInduction: 2 x 4 flex segments + 2 additional auxiliary segments
4 induction cooking zones with electronic pot detector
Cooking zones: 1 x Ø 400 mmx230 mm, 3.3 kW (max. Power 3.7 kW) Induction or 2 x Ø 200 mm, 2.2 kW (max. Power 3.7 kW) Induction; 1 x Ø 400 mmx230 mm, 3.3 kW (max. Power 3.7 kW) Induction or 2 x Ø 200 mm, 2.2 kW (max. Power 3.7 kW) Induction
fryingSensor Plus with 5 temperature levels
cookingSensor Plus ready: constantly monitors and automatically regulates the temperature of the pot contents.
1 sensor included and possibility to use up to 3 sensors at the same time (additional sensors can be purchased separately)
powerMove Plus: intuitive control thanks to three heating zones with different temperatures - activated on contact with the cooker
reStart function: restore cooking settings in case of accidental switch-off
QuickStart function: enables quick selection of cooking power
PowerBoost function for each cooking zone
panTurbo: "turbo" function for fast heating of pans
Keep warm function for all cooking zones
flexMotion: automatic transfer of selected settings from one cooking zone to another
PowerManagement function to limit 1kW power consumption
End of cooking timer for each zone
Independent timer with acoustic signal
Main switch
Residual heat indicators
Energy consumption display: Display of energy consumption for each cooking cycle
Pots presence recognition
Safety Auto Power Off
Child safety
Temporary lock function for cleaning
PowerManagement function to limit 1kW power consumption
Can be combined with glass ceramic hobs and dominoes with topClass finish: bevelled front with blackSteel side profiles
Technical information
Power cable length: 110 cm
Cable included
Voltage: 220 - 240 V
Max. power consumption: 7.4 kW
PowerManagement function to limit 1kW power consumption
Appliance dimensions (WxHxD): 51 x 812 x 520 mm
Installation dimensions: (Height x Width x Depth) 51 mm x 750 mm x 490 mm
Min. thickness of kitchen top 30 mm
Please refer to the installation dimensions shown in the technical drawing.
Accessories included
1 wireless sensor, 1 compensation strip 750 - 780 mm included
Overview technical information
Power supply
Type of controls and forward indicators, Touchscreen
Key Lock safety device, time limitation, Power management function, pot detector, child safety
Highlights 17 power levels, 5 frying levels, Extended flexInduction, flexInduction, fryingSensor Plus, Food Warmer Function, powerBoost
Energy consumption of hob 185,0 Wh/kg
Power consumption standby/display off mode 0.5 W
Power consumption standby/network: To deactivate the WiFi module, please refer to the user manual of the product. 2,0 W
Duration auto-standby/display mode on 20.0 min
Duration auto-standby/display off mode 20.0 min
Auto-standby/network mode duration 20.0 min
Home Connect
Connectivity type en: Bluetooth, en: Wi-Fi
Surface color black
Type of construction of the product Built in
Number of electric plates 0
Number of cooking zones 2
Frame type Side profiles
Number of gas burners 0
Number of halogen cooking zones 0
Type of installation Compact
Total number of positions that can be used simultaneously 4
Number of radiant cooking zones 0
Number of warming zones 0
Size and weight
Product dimensions (mm) 51 x 812 x 520 mm
Net weight (kg) 17.403 kg
Cooking zone 1
Location 1st cooking zone front left
Cooking zone 2
Dimensions 2nd cooking zone 400 x 230 mm
Location 2nd cooking zone Cooking zone left cent.
Power 2nd cooking zone 3.3 kW
Type 2 induction cooking zone
Energy consumption 2nd cooking zone 185.0 Wh/kg
Cooking zone 3
Location 3rd cooking zone rear left
Cooking zone 4
Location 4th central rear cooking zone
Cooking zone 5
Location 5° cooking zone Rear right cooking zone
Cooking zone 6
Dimensions 6th cooking zone 400 x 230 mm
Location 6th cooking zone Cooking zone cent. right
Power 6th cooking zone 3.3 kW
Type 6° induction cooking zone
Cooking zone 7
Position of the 7th heating element Front right cooking zone
Cooking zone 8
Position of the 8th heating element

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