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TYPOLOGY Typology: Induction Recessed: Traditional Family Cooktop Size 80 cm Power supply Type Induction Filtration Ejection Filtration Traditional Recessed Electronic control Yes AESTHETIC Type of control: Touch control Slider: Yes Grids: Cast iron Aesthetics Dolce Stil Novo Design Cantilevered kitchen top Colour Black Material Glass Type Glass Ceramic Command Position Front Type of control adjustment Touch control Slider Yes Frame S ìStraight glass edge Colour Stainless steel frame Grilles Cast iron Colour Silkscreen print Grey PROGRAMS / FUNCTIONS Total number of cooking zones 4 Number of induction cooking zones 4 Time programming options Automatic switch-off Number of flexible zones 2 Main key on/off Yes Power levels 9 Auto-VentYes Number of cooking zones with booster 4 OPTIONS Type Flexible zone: Multizone Pause option: Yes End of cooking timer: 4 Remaining time indicator: Yes Option Button lock / Child safety: Yes Automatic heat maintenance function: Yes Quick start: Yes Automatic boil maintenance function: Yes Automatic low temperature cooking function: Yes Quick level selection: Yes Multizone option Yes Type Flexible zone Multizone Pause option Yes End of cooking timer 4 minute counter 1 Acoustic end of cooking alarm Yes Remaining time indicator Yes Show Room Demo option Yes Option Lock Buttons / Child safety Yes Automatic heat maintenance function Yes Quick start Yes Automatic boil maintenance function Yes Automatic low temperature cooking function Yes Quick level selection Yes COOKING AREAS Position 1st zoneForest leftPosition 2nd zoneRear leftPosition 3rd zoneRear rightPosition 4th zoneForest rightTypology 1st zoneInduction - MultizoneTypology 2nd zoneInduction - MultizoneTypology 3rd zoneInduction - MultizoneTypology 4th zoneInduction - MultizoneDimensions 1st zone22.0x18.5 cmDimensions 2nd zone22.0x18.5 cmDimensions 3° zone22.0x18.5 cmDimensions 4° zone22.0x18.5 cmDimensions Multizone left385x230 mmDimensions Multizone right385x230 mmPower 1° zone2100 WPower 2° zone2100 WPower 3° zone2100 WPower 4° zone2100 WPower booster 1° zone3700 WPower booster 2° zone3700 WPower booster 3° zone3700 WPower booster 4° zone3700 WPower booster 4° zone3700 WPower booster 3° zone3700 WPower booster 3. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Self-shutdown in case of overflow: Yes Residual heat indicator: Yes Automatic adaptation to the diameter of the cooker Yes Automatic detection of the presence of the cooker Yes Auto-stop when overflowing Yes Residual heat indicator Yes Protection against accidental ignition Yes PERFORMANCE / ENERGY LABEL Energy consumption of the hob 170 Wh/Kg Energy consumption of the zone 1170 Wh/Kg Energy consumption of the zone 2170 Wh/Kg Energy consumption of the zone 3170 Wh/Kg Energy consumption of the zone 4170 Wh/Kg ELECTRICAL CONNECTION Nominal electrical connection data7545 WCorrente16 ATensione (V)220-240 VFrequency50/60 HzType of electrical cableMono and Bi-phase LOGISTICAL INFORMATION Product dimensions (mm)210x830x520 SPEED 1 Suction capacity (IEC 61591)145 m³/hNoise level (IEC 60704-2-13)42 dB(A)Pressure30 PaFume hood power13 W SPEED 2 Suction capacity (IEC 61591)155 m³/hNoise level (IEC 60704-2-13)46 dB(A)Pressure40 PaFume hood power15 W SPEED 3 Suction capacity (IEC 61591)200 m³/hNoise level (IEC 60704-2-13)49 dB(A)Pressure70 PaFume hood power20 W SPEED 4 Suction capacity (IEC 61591)270 m³/hNoise level (IEC 60704-2-13)55 dB(A)Pressure110 PaFume hood power25 W INTENSIVE SPEED Suction capacity (IEC 61591)620 m³/hNoise level (IEC 60704-2-13)74 dB(A)Pressure640 PaFume hood power110 W

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