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scanface access control terminal with verification


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access control and temperature presence detection mask presence (optional face recognition Designed for COVID-19 Virus
Available in the version with wall bracket or tubular bracket ideal to be installed on turnstiles and motorized gates.
ScanFace is extremely useful to protect health and safety especially in:
- Factories
- Schools
- Commercial Buildings
- Stations
- Airports
- Other public areas (e.g. parks and gardens)

Temperature recognition is as fast and accurate as individual face mask verification.
Product Warranty: The basic warranty is 2 years. It can be extended to 3 or 5 years at the time of purchase.
Temperature Verification ScanFACE performs a user's body temperature analysis with voice and sound alert
Verify Mask
ScanFACE is able to recognize whether or not a user is wearing the protective mask
Face Verification
Access management also through biometric face verification, with entry/exit registration.
Hospital environments
ScanFACE is specific in environments where it is mandatory to maintain a high level of hygiene.
Prevents contagions
ScanFACE avoids and prevents contagion among workers or people accessing your company.
Simple Installation
ScanFACE can be installed on turnstiles, entrances, and by means of special brackets also counters and pares.
Detection Temperature
Range 30 °C - 45 °C
± 0.2°C
User recognition time
Less than 1 sec
Face Recognition Distance
0.5 - 2 m
Body Temperature Sensing Distance
0.5 - 1 m
Mask Detection Distance
0.5 - 1 m
Users Recognition
Face Recognition Height
1.2 - 2.2 m
Face Recognition Angle
≥ 30°
Detection optics
Fire 2.8mm, H 117.8° V 64.1° D 141.9°
Integrated Web Server
IP 44
User Management
Via Web Server
8-inch LCD screen
White List
Vocal synthesis
Data Download
Number of users that can be registered
greater than 30,000 Faces
Power supply
12Vdc - 4A
Power supply
12Vdc Included
Environment of use
Temperature range from 0°C to 50°C
Door opening
Relay (Clean Contact NO)
Outgoing alarm
Supported (Italian language)
Wiegand Communication
1 output
Dimensions 273mm x 144mm x 25mm
Optional Accessories
Supports 110cm, 55cm, 10cm
Fixing brackets to be chosen when ordering
Wall / Tubular
Humidity 5 - 90 %
Warranty 2 years

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