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399,90 €


399,90 €

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TYPOLOGY Recessed: Traditional FamilyCooking surfaceSize60 cmFeedingGasTypologyGasCollectingTraditional AESTHETIC Grills: Cast iron AestheticsCourt doorDesignCut on kitchen topColourCopperFinishesCopperMaterialDefectivePosition controlsFrontalType of control adjustmentManual knobsCourt doorN° knobs4Colour knobsCopperGridsGhisaBurnersSmeg ContemporaryMaterial BurnersAluminiumColour screen printingGrey PROGRAMS / FUNCTIONS Total number of cooking zones 4 Number of gas cooking zones 4 COOKING AREAS Type 1st zone: Gas - Ultrarapido Position 1st zone Left Position 2nd zone Rear central Position 3rd zone Front central Position 4th zone RightTypology 1st zone Gas - Ultra-fast Type 2nd zone Gas - Semi-rapid Type 3rd zone Gas - Auxiliary Type 4th zone Gas - Rapid Power 1st zone 3900 W Power 2nd zone 1700 W Power 3rd zone 1100 W Power 4th zone 2600 W TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Type of gas G20 Natural gas Safety valves Yes Quick start under knob Yes PERFORMANCE / ENERGY LABEL EE floor 55.2EE zone 154.3EE zone 253.6EE zone 457.6 ELECTRICAL CONNECTION Nominal gas connection data 9300 W Nominal electrical connection data 1 W Voltage (V)220-240 V Frequency 50/60 Hz LOGISTICAL INFORMATION Product dimensions (mm) 30x600x500

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