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DADA TRIM fitted kitchen


KITCHENS Trim is a revolution

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"The ideal design comes from a new concept, it's functional, it's attention to detail, it has harmonious shapes and it becomes timeless. DANTE BONUCCELLI Space is the protagonist of a system, more rational and ductile, designed for the speed of contemporary life by mixing technology and functionality. Drawers, doors and wall units are no longer enough. Equipped backrests arrive, a space between the wall units and the worktop that can be accessed with a patented Dada mechanism and retractable sliding glass. The LED lights and sockets contribute to making the equipped backrest the technological soul of Trim. Good Design Award (USA), 2008

Equipped backrest The equipped backrests are the functional soul of Trim. Positioned at the centre of the composition, between bases and wall units, they enrich the system with functional and operational benefits. The backrest uses an exclusive Dada patented mechanism that balances and regulates the sliding of the panel, with the glass disappearing inside the base units. The patent also provides for the possibility of felling the glass for optimal maintenance and cleaning operations. 


Iconic handles and new handles, for different possibilities of opening drawers, doors and columns, as well as grooves and mechanical or electrified press-opening systems.

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