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Delivery time The delivery time of the goods depends on the availability of the products During the consultation of the catalog in correspondence of the product there will be a numerical indication that will indicate the availability of the product, we work with the entire catalogs of companies. In the case of products in our warehouse shipments are made within 48 hours of receipt of payment by express courier. Considering the time of credit of payments based on the type chosen, the average delivery time based on the type of payment are approximately the following: Payment by credit card - paypal: 10 / 15 working days "except unavailability of goods" our products are all ordered and shipped in a maximum of 20 working days Payment by bank transfer: 10/15 working days "except for unavailability of goods" our products are all ordered and shipped within a maximum of 20 working days Cash on delivery payment (max 1999,00 euro IN CASH) : 10/15 working days "except for unavailability of goods" our products are all ordered and dispatched within 20 working days. The delivery times indicated represent the time normally required to deliver the products available in stock and are provided for information purposes only. For Sicily, Sardinia and the smaller islands the average transport time may increase by 24-48 hours. In case of unavailable product the customer can still 'order a product and wait for our communication via e-mail on the expected timing of supply. In any case, the customer will always receive our order confirmation by e-mail with the estimated delivery time. In remote cases of unavailability of a purchased product, the customer will be notified about the expected time for delivery or immediate availability of similar products. TGROUP, YOUR PARTNER FOR SHIPPING AND LOGISTICS From a small owner of the Terracciano Family who started almost 30 years ago as a multimodal and multi-specialist logistics operator. DHL Today's customers are always on the move and want to receive products quickly and at an economical price. The global level of interconnection is growing. That's why you need a powerful international network to manage your supply chain. With a team of 380,000 members in more than 220 countries and territories around the world, we've set a new record for people reached. And because we're already thinking about how the world will look in 2050, we're preparing for the logistics challenges ahead. Because we don't just deliver parcels. Our goal is to bring joy and prosperity to our customers. Everywhere. Every day.