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DueG Kitchens
We design and produce designer kitchens and living rooms
From classic to modern collections, Dueg Kitchens kitchens are the result of careful study and research, careful selection of materials, a design made specifically to meet your needs and desires. we have a production that uses cutting-edge technology and highly qualified workers.

The result: high quality products at the factory price.

The inspiration behind the project comes from the vastness of the meanings related to it: the plan.
The plan is a primitive, linear and familiar geometric concept, but also how to plan, arrange and create one's own solution.
The customizable kitchen Piani is all this.
Its shape, as well as its finishes, are free, the result is an object with a personal content, intimate, thoughtful.
Piani is a delicate, private and very personal object that has the power to escape from the schemes and make their choices unique.
Manufacture and Design Story
The kitchen system is composed of various technical and functional elements made of various materials such as extruded aluminium, MDF panels and 12 mm thick Laminam panels that offer unlimited freedom of customization.
The study on the functionality of the Piani collection is focused on concepts of construction technology and simplification of use.Colours and Materials Matching
NEW 2019

As a tailor-made kitchen factory, we are used to making products to meet the needs of our customers. That's why, when we started designing the new 2019 collection, we decided to work in the way that best suits us: listening to people and fulfilling their desires.

Want to know how we did it?
We went in search of 3 super consultants who could give us new points of view to make the IDEAL KITCHEN.
We can't reveal their identity because, given the importance of the information in their possession, they preferred to remain anonymous until the DueG Kitchens 2019 collection of kitchens is launched on the market. For now we can only reveal some details...

Super Consultant #1: Granny
The first consultant is the grandmother we would all like to have. She is the holder of true culinary knowledge and has explained everything she needs in a cuisine worthy of a family from the south and of all its gastronomic excellences.

Our answer:
The ideal kitchen created by DueG Kitchens will have the built-in refrigerator Master Kitchen This will allow you to prepare and store homemade cakes with all the love of the world!

Super consultant n.2: THE MARY
The second consultant is a MARY, a man all in one piece and at the same time affectionate pater familias .... from him we discovered the secrets to avoid the superfluous and give life to a beautiful product, functional and at the best price.

Super consultant n.3: THE FIGLIO
The third consultant is the FIGLIO, a multi-purpose figure, a deep explorer of every room of the house, especially the kitchen. From him we learned how to organize a safe and fun space.

Our answer:
The ideal kitchen created by DueG Kitchens will have an induction hob which, in addition to being highly functional, also makes the environment safer for children!

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